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Interview with Georgina Troy - author of 'A Jersey Kiss'


Today I’m delighted to welcome Georgina Troy, author of ‘A Jersey Kiss’ who will be talking about where she lives and her inspiration for the book. 

Georgina loves the island where she was born and has spent most of her life. She lives in Jersey near the sea - well, most people do in an island only 9 x 5 miles. She's always wanted to write and being an impossible romantic is always falling in love with heroes both real (hopefully), in fiction (definitely) and those of her own creation (absolutely).




Over to you Georgina:

Thank you for inviting me onto your wonderful site.

It’s a real pleasure, Georgina. Now, here goes.


Can you tell us what prompted you to first start writing?

I was given a typewriter when I was about seven or eight and decided that I wanted to be a journalist, but my love of acting in school plays took over and I forgot that particular dream, until I was in my early twenties and felt the need to write a book.


What was the first thing you wrote?

The first thing I wrote was based on my grandmother’s life, but I only got as far as the fifth chapter…


Can you summarise your latest work in just a few words?

A Jersey kiss is a book about love, loss, betrayal and finding a mysterious legacy on the island of Jersey.


What was the inspiration for this book?

There’s so much about Jersey to love and many beautiful areas that I thought it the perfect place to set a series of romances.


Did you do any research for the book?

I’ve lived here most of my life and so needed to do very little research, apart from looking into the boat that I used as Luke, the hero’s, temporary home.


What does a typical writing day involve for you?

I’d love to say I get up, have breakfast and write all day, but I work full time and so I’ll catch up on a bit of social networking between 7 and 8am and then write in the evenings when I get home.


How do you decide on the names for your characters?

Names are very important to me and I can’t start writing the book until I find the perfect name for each of the characters. I’ve wasted days looking…


Which writers have influenced your own writing?

I love Christina Jones’s novels, and enjoy revisiting characters in her books, which probably has something to do with why I like writing this series and let characters who I hope will become familiar to readers pop up throughout these books.


What are you working on next?

The second book in the series, A Jersey Affair, is about a jilted shoe designer, Paige – who we first met in A Jersey Kiss – who goes on her honeymoon to Sorrento by herself where she meets a mysterious businessman, Sebastian who then turns up in Jersey and turns her life upside-down.


Do you have a WIP?

Yes, for the third book in the series, A Jersey Bombshell.


What has been the best part of the writing process…and the worst? The best is writing the first draft and getting to know the characters, and the worst is realizing how much work I have to do when I read through it at the end! Thanks again, Julie.


Thank you, Georgina for giving us an insight into your books and for introducing us to the beautiful island of Jersey.



Georgina has written three romantic novels based in Jersey for the Jersey Romance Series, which she hopes you'll want to read, enjoy and maybe tell your friends all about.


Book Blurb:

Living in the 'sunny isle' it's hard not to fall in love and even though Bea Philips is still reeling from a nasty divorce, the loss of her beloved god-mother and inheriting a legacy that includes something mysterious no one seems able to locate, she still has to find a way to fight a court case that threatens to take away everything she owns. The last thing Bea needs is a distraction in the form of surly builder Luke, or old flame Tom.

Will Bea find a way to keep her dream home and maybe fall in love? And what exactly is, A Jersey Kiss?

Reviews: "Enticing, enchanting, intriguing - with a gloriously romantic island setting - I absolutely loved this book!" Christina Jones









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Sue Fortin | Reply 05.12.2013 09.55

Thanks for a great interview. Wishing you every success Georgina.

Georgina Troy 26.01.2014 15.12

Thanks very much Sue!

Michelle Read | Reply 26.11.2013 13.47

Great interview. Enjoyed reading about Georgina and her books. Look forward to reading more about her in the future and following her success.

Georgina Troy 26.01.2014 15.12

Thank you very much, Michelle.

julie ryan 26.11.2013 16.46

Thanks Michelle. I can't wait to read the next in the series too.

Julie Ryan | Reply 20.11.2013 09.16

Thanks Georgina - the pleasure's all mine x

Georgina | Reply 20.11.2013 08.33

Thanks for inviting me to your fantaatic site, Julie!

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Another amazing review, dying to get my hands on this one xxx

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probably the best new author I know....x x x x x x x

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Great review, can't wait to read over the holiday

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Wonderful review. Really looking forward to reading this.

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