Sierra Girls by Richard Ewald

Sierra Girls

About the book

When budding computer programmer Michelle Quinn disappears from her      

quiet Santa Cruz neighborhood, the police find no evidence of her

kidnapper and seem to give up almost immediately. Her father Gabriel,

a private charter pilot, believes Michelle is still alive, but he

knows that her time is short. Unwilling to sit idly by and wait for

the police to solve the crime, Gabriel sets out to find his daughter


A handful of friends close to the Quinn family join Gabriel, including

Michelle's godfather Matthias, a Russian Orthodox monk, and newspaper

reporter Lisa Miller. They believe Michelle's kidnapping is related to

the three unsolved disappearances in the Sierra Nevada mountains the

previous year. When Gabriel himself becomes a suspect in the police

investigation, he and his friends press forward with abandon, taking

the law into their own hands as they desperately search for any clue            

pointing to Michelle's kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Michelle finds herself trapped in a broken down house in

the mountains, surrounded by razor wire. At first, her kidnapper,

Roper Lund, does not show himself, and Michelle struggles to clear her

mind from the sleeping drugs he gave her. Gradually she remembers how

he tricked her into getting into his car, and she understands that she

is in mortal danger. She has no idea whether her father or the police

are searching for her, or if they even know that Lund kidnapped her.

Michelle decides that her only hope is to rescue herself. So she sets

out on her own desperate adventure to find a way out of Lund's

custom-made prison for little girls.


My review

This is a fast-paced thriller that will have you rushing to turn the pages. Richard Ewald has succeeded where many others might fail in telling the story from the point of view of evil psychopath Lund, kidnapped twelve year old Michelle and her father Gabriel. We know from the beginning how Michelle is kidnapped, the interest lies in watching Michele’s resourcefulness as she tries to escape, her father’s determination to find her and whether Lund will be caught before Michele meets the same fate as his other victims.

I loved the way the author gets inside the mind of Michele almost as much as his realistic portrayal of the kidnapper. The story deals with torture and abuse so is not for the fainthearted but the storytelling is superb. The description is wonderful and it is easy to imagine this part of the States even though I have never been there. I did struggle a little with the configuration of the rooms where Michele is held. They were described in sordid detail but I still found it confusing to picture the layout in my head.

There are a couple of typos and spelling errors in the book but when these are tightened up, I believe that ‘Sierra Girls’ deserves to be up there with the best of thrillers and I am sure Richard Ewald will be a name we will be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Best for..

Those who like to get into the mind of a psychopath as well as that of his victim. 

My rating


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Yesterday | 22:25

Wonderful review, for a wonderful lady and Author.

Yesterday | 20:12

Great review for an equally great book by Mary

Yesterday | 18:26

When reading all the reviews I just can not wait to read this for myself. I adore stories of hardship and how they unfold and hopefully have a good ending.

Yesterday | 17:22

Another great review for a brilliant author.

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