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About the author

About the author

Jaden was born in New West Minster BC in 1972 and moved to Kamloops BC just shortly after. Through his early years, music, film and acting were his passions but story telling was always there lurking in the form of poetry and song writing. This led to bouncing between the decisions to become a rock star or actor and he tried his hand at both. It wasn’t until he finished high school that he realized one needed a job to pay bills.

Moving around the West Coast of Canada for the last twenty years, Jaden always had a journal with him. There were many stage plays and stories that made it to paper but few were selected to hit an independent theatrical stage. It wasn’t until Jaden was approached with a concept for a stage play from an independent recording artist that he started to take his writing seriously. He jumped at the chance to pen his interpretation of the artist’s lyrics and within no time realized that it was what he was meant to do.

Upon the completion of “The Ballad of Elvis Christ,” a depiction of the pressures of the rise and fall of a musical icon, a story that burned in the back of Jaden’s mind for 20 years, begged to be shared with the world. Through Jaden’s words, the world of “The Producer” came to life.

Jaden has found that his passion for writing has hit a new level as the barrier that once held him from stepping into the world of “Author” no longer exists. A husband and father of two, he still lives in Canada and has great expectations of a bright future.

About his works

The Producer

In the not so distant future the Government is Business.  The populace is lulled into complacency by the use of subliminal videos. There is order and peace; drugs and disease are things only seen in History class. But in keeping with human nature, there are those who seek to abuse the system.  Vid addicts rot their minds with hacked files and censors subdue those that seek to speak freely. Somewhere between these two worlds hovers The Producer.

Officers Jonathon Cook and Samantha Prescott of the Victoria Police Department find themselves caught in the midst of The Producer’s violent and dramatic game of cat and mouse. While they are forced to face ghosts of their past and their simmering attraction for each other, they must fight to save those they love from the Producer’s dangerous game.

Who is The Producer? What does he want? And can Jonathon and Samantha stop him before their world comes crashing down?


Interview with Jaden Braniff


Can you tell us what prompted you to first start writing? What was the first thing you wrote?

I had written many lyrics while I was playing with a band in Edmonton but it was after I brainstormed with a friend of mine the idea for a film. Unfortunately the film never happened but the desire to continue to write grew stronger. I suppose “The Producer” is my first actually published work but the story “Fayte” was the first piece and burns in my mind to this day. Once I’ve completed “The Rebellion Writings”, “Fayte” will come back to life.


Can you summarize your latest work in just a few words?

 “The Producer” questions the idea of control and whether or not one person’s ideals of freedom are truly a benefit to all.


What was the inspiration for this book?

Simply put…the world around me. As a society we are inundated with expectations of how we should live our lives by people who are slaves to media. Where does social standing and self-esteem collide? I believe that it lies where Google tells us it should be.


Did you do any research for the book?

I have a technical background but since “The Producer” takes place in the very near future, I had to use my imagination. It’s set in Victoria BC, a place very close to my heart and was born as I was walking down the street late one night. The main research that I needed was location and timing. For example, how long would it take to get from point A to B and then smack the characters in the face with C.


What does a typical writing day involve for you?

Once the children are off to bed or otherwise involved, I sit and begin to type. I have a very supportive wife that allows me whatever time that I need. If I’m on a roll, she is always kind enough to bring me a cup of tea and then leave me to it.


How do you decide on the names for your characters?

It’s not easy and the one thing that I hate the most. I try to stay away from flowery name and keep them as real as I can but that’s hard to do these days. I have to laugh sometimes when I look at my own name on paper. I was once in an interview in my home town and was told on air that it sounded made up.


Do you have a favourite book by another writer?

It depends on the genre. Comedy would be Rob Grant and Doug Naylor – Red Dwarf series and Scifi would be Guy Gavriel-Kay, author of The Fionivar Tapestries.


Which writers have influenced your own writing?

The previously mentioned as well as Anthony Burgess – A Clockwork Orange.


What are you working on next? Do you have a WIP?

The second installment of “The Rebellion Writing” called “The Stage” is in edits and I’m working on the last book, “Requiem”.


What has been the best part of the writing process…and the worst?

The best part is completing a story and feeling all the pieces fit. The worst part is having to wait to start the next book and hoping that it turns out better that the previous one.


Tell us about your travels.

I haven’t travelled much other than across Canada for work other than getting to go see the UK for a few weeks. Fell in love with Ireland and nearly didn’t come home.


Tell us about your childhood.

That would take a very long time and could be a novel unto itself. Like most, it was good and bad. I was a quiet kid until I found my voice and then I couldn’t seem to shut up. I moved from introvert to extrovert almost overnight when I left my home town and found out that I could sing. Re-invented myself, joined a band and the next thing I knew, the quiet kid from Kamloops didn’t exist anymore.


Most writers have some quirks – what are yours?

I talk to myself a lot. I play out scenarios in my head. It drives my wife nuts. I have been asked many times who I was talking to just but the way my hands and eyes move around the room.


Do you plot your novels or allow them to develop as you write?

As I write. The first few chapters and a basic outline are in my head but once the characters start talking and making decisions, they take control. I’m just there to make sure I fill any plot holes that might creep up. Then I have to tell them to back up or find another way around.


 Have you taken any creative writing courses and would you recommend them?

 I have and I do, if nothing more than to help you realize what works for you. For example, the first day of class we were asked to write a character sketch of our best friend. I misunderstood the assignment and wrote a short story that outlines that person’s personality perfectly. Although I was embarrassed that I had made my mistake, the professor was impressed with what I had done. To this day, all of my character sketches are in the form of a back story regardless of whether or not it’s put in the book.


What book(s) are you reading at the moment?

At the moment I am working on a voice over for Bryan Dulls “Solstice”. I’m very impressed with it and often find I have to back track in my recording because I’m laughing too hard or I’m so into the book that I’m not giving it the voice over that it deserves.


Do you have any advice for new writers?

Don’t be scared. Finish your story and don’t stop for fear that you’re not good enough. If necessary, find someone to kick your ass until it’s complete. I had a good friend that nearly ripped my ears off when I suggested that I was just going to put it away for a while and I’m glad that she convinced me otherwise.



Thank you Jaden for a fascinating interview.


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What an interesting interview and I think The Producer could also make an excellent futuristic movie one day - I wish it for you Jaden! Best of luck :)

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