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Review of 'The Way Home'

The Way Home, a collection of visionary stories about finding your true home. 

Whether a place or a relationship, all the characters in The Way Home are seeking what they’ve lost, and the clues they follow are just beyond the veil. A metaphysical treat for those who like their stories off the beaten path, their fantasy balanced on the edge of reality. 

When a volcano threatens the Valley of the Caheya, a priestess sets out to recover the stolen crystal that can create a bridge to another world. But facing the demon and the venomous black sea that guard the crystal is just the beginning. Mata must confront her ancient past and her desire for revenge if she is to save her family and the Caheya from extinction. The Way Home is a journey into the past to save the future as Mata seeks redemption from an unlikely source. But will she be able to coax the bridge from the crystal before the volcano wipes out everything in the valley? 

Other stories include The Conversation, where a thoroughly urban poet searches for home in the desert she has always feared and follows a wolf to meet her destiny. 

In Desert Song, a young woman embarks reluctantly on a road trip, where she is chased by a ghostly skeleton, and faces buried memories so she can open to herself to love. 

In The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly, a young man on the verge of adulthood falls in love with a mysterious winged girl who cannot become who she is without her twin. But her twin is on another world, and how will her family find her? 




About the author


Carol Holland March writes about the intersection of dreams, reality, and time, and sets her speculative fiction stories in places where the veil is thinnest.   Her stories have appeared in online and print publications, most recently in Wilde Magazine, Dark Visions, Volume 2, and Penumbra.  A collection of short stories, The Way Home, is available on Amazon. She blogs at, and can be followed on twitter @CarolHMarch.


My Review

From the very beginning, this is a book with a difference, as it comprises three short stories and a novella. The short stories I found especially enjoyable and ‘The desert song’ was my favourite. I enjoy mystical/science-fiction/ paranormal only if it is countered by a strong storyline with a realistic base. In this case a young girl embarks on a road trip into the desert and is chased by a skeleton. We never do find out why and I’m guessing that is deliberate on the author’s part to add to the mystery. I like to think she’s being chased by her own demons.

The other stories and the novella I found to be more mystical and as you read more the magic/supernatural elements become stronger. As a result they appealed to me less as talking wolves and shape-changers really aren’t my taste. However, I did appreciate the quality of the writing. Carol Holland March has a beautiful lyrical style that is poetic in its quality.

Somehow, even though each story and the novella show great promise, I personally felt that there was something missing in each of them. For me the stories worked better than the novella and if I were the author, I would be tempted to expand them a little into a collection of short stories.

Sorry to say that this collection as it stands is not for me but fans of the genre I’m sure will love it.

My rating


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27.05 | 22:25

Another amazing review, dying to get my hands on this one xxx

27.05 | 20:42

probably the best new author I know....x x x x x x x

27.05 | 14:17

Great review, can't wait to read over the holiday

27.05 | 13:49

Wonderful review. Really looking forward to reading this.

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