Isia's Secret

He has wealth and power and an


Heir with hatred in his heart.

                                                       Both share a terrible family secret

                                                      That is about to be exposed.


An Enda Osin Mystery

Political correspondent Enda Osin and his beautiful assistant Jessica Du Ross must foil one man’s political dream for Cypriot Sovereignty. With a powerful position in Brussels Paul Hrisacopolis, who has an heir with hatred in his heart, could bring a terrorist war to the island. While Enda struggles to end the nightmare, he infolds the tragic tale of two women living lives of poverty and an illegitimate s


Enda Osin is a sharp cookie when it comes to political intrigue. His daily column in the Herald is controversial and popular. Upsetting the incumbents of the White House and Downing Street over an embarrassing article, his editor has been forced to side-line him. He has been assigned to write a series of articles for the Herald’s Sunday supplement about Paul Hrisacopolis, a shipping billionaire with a thirst for power in the European Union and a believer in Enosis for Cyprus.


To help him is art correspondent, Jessica Du Rosse, a beautiful and sophisticated West Indian half his age and with whom he is soon falling in love.


Hrisacopolis has offered to transport priceless artifacts that the British Museum has agreed to relinquish claim to, from London to Athens on board the flagship of his cruise line. He’s looking forward to partying on the cruise with influential European politicians who can vote him onto a powerful committee chairmanship. That position could be used to influence public opinion against Turkey and cause the return of civil war on Cyprus. With news that Paul’s only grandson, essential key player to take his grandfather’s place as figurehead, has agreed to end a family feud, the old man has everything going his way. A few loose tongues need silencing. Ahmet Zeki, Paul’s murderous Turkish shipping agent is ordered to deal with the situation. Ahmet however, has his own plans. Working for the KKA, a Turkish terrorist group and the Turkish Secret Service, his sole aim as a double agent is to destroy Paul and profit from the chaos by using his son as an impostor to replace the real grandson.


It doesn’t take Enda long to get entangled in the Hrisacopolis family mystery involving Paul’s brother, Ioannis, George his dead son and Isia the young girl George hoped to marry. Dating back to the dark days of the EOKA terrorist campaign from the fifties to the seventies, Enda and Jessica find themselves unearthing Isia’s secret, something that would rock Greek and Turkish societies and bring shame and disgrace to Hrisacopolis if made public. Escaping an attempt on their lives, Enda and Jessica learn of a heart-breaking story involving an illegitimate lovechild and Isia’s desperate bid to find freedom; a freedom that ends in tragedy. Enda is even more determined to seek the truth when he is told the grandson, Baki, is dead by one source and alive by another. Confusion reigns while Enda struggles to control his own personal demons that haunt him; involving a fire from his childhood that killed his parents.


Baki, surviving an explosion, escapes the army and hides his true identity behind the name of ‘Anthony’ He has hatred in his heart for a man who broke a promise to his father and caused his mother to lead a life of poverty until her untimely death. On hearing the news of his grandfather’s philanthropic plan, Baki vows to kill the man in a terrible act of revenge. Hiring the services of a ruthless ex legionnaire, Baki makes meticulous plans to confront and kill his grandfather in a daring assault on the liner.


About the author

Ray Stone is an accomplished author with a variety of published works to his name. Born just outside London in 1946, he grew up in post war Britain during a period of depression and ration books, bombed out housing and BBC radio. At school he won a writing competition at the age of eleven.



At the age of eighteen he began writing poetry and lyrics whilst studying at college. Two years later he was working in theatre as a technician and worked with many orchestras' and artists including the London Philharmonic, London Symphony, Mantovani, The Doyle Carte Opera Company, Harlequin Ballet, Joan Baez, Jimmy Hendrix, Oscar Peterson and worked on local shows such as My Fair Lady, Camelot and West Side Story.


His poetry won him a first place in 1998 in an international internet poetry competition with 'Angry Silence.' Moving to Colchester in the same year he wrote a full page article about the historical significance of the locale and was published with a by-line in the local press. Whilst writing his first novel he returned to writing lyrics and teamed up with a local composer. Together they produced and recorded five blues numbers.


His novel, 'THE TROJAN TOWERS,' was published in 2005. A second political thriller, 'ISIA'S SECRET,' was published in 2013. Raymond's favourite authors are Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Neville Shute, Alistair Maclean, C.S.Forrester, Len Deighton, Daniel Silva, Ernest Hemingway - and the list goes on.


Raymond has lived in and around London's colorful EastEnd and the café sets of Westminster and Kensington. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous-and infamous-he has acquired a unique insight into the lives of both criminal and upper classes that give his works a believable realism. He moved to the USA in 2003 and married. He has since retired from a successful landscape design business and now lives on Malta with his wife and fellow author, Mrellan Harahan.

My Review


This is such a fast moving spy thriller that you almost need a ‘who’s who’ to keep up with the ever- changing list of characters. However, as it is well written I’m prepared to forgive the author on this occasion. The story is set against the backdrop of Cyprus in 1974 and takes us from there to the present day passing through Turkey, Greece, the South of France and various other locations that are described in such detail that the reader feels immediately transported there.


I enjoyed the modern politics less than the relationship between newspaper columnist Enda and his colleague Jessica. Nevertheless, this novel will appeal to those who love a thriller with lots of twists and turns – I didn’t read the blurb beforehand so each development really was a surprise – and equally to those who enjoy a good story set in some fantastic locations. It will certainly keep you on your toes.





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Ray Stone | Reply 28.06.2014 16.13

An excellent reveiw for the first of the Enda Osin Mysteries Series. Thank you Julie, I really appreciate the comments and am pleased you enjoyed the story.

Julie Ryan 28.06.2014 16.22

Good luck with the book Ray and thank you for asking me to review it

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27.05 | 22:25

Another amazing review, dying to get my hands on this one xxx

27.05 | 20:42

probably the best new author I know....x x x x x x x

27.05 | 14:17

Great review, can't wait to read over the holiday

27.05 | 13:49

Wonderful review. Really looking forward to reading this.

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