Missing in Somerville

About the book

The beautiful young bride of the town’s wealthiest man has been missing for several months and rumors of her whereabouts are rampant. Some speak of murder at the hands of her husband. Others claim that the young beauty died at the hands of a jealous ex-boyfriend. She could have run away, but why would a woman throw away a life of luxury? When a group of friends begin to search for her, they quickly discover that their lives are in danger by those determined to keep the woman’s whereabouts unknown.


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About the author

24 year old male writer of mystery/paranormal/crime books. Also like to read and write stuff on the internet...you know, blogging about TV shows, comic books, anime, manga, and all that stuff. Did my B.Sc (hons) in Bio-technology and B.A (hons) in Psychology. Currently doing M.Phil in Bio-technology so, hopefully that'll work out!


I have written six books in total, that make up two mystery series. 'Arousing the Legacy' is actually four books in the Colville Mystery series together! It features Anya, a female teenager, and her friends trying to survive paranormal occurrences. I've always been a fan of complex female character so, you'll see a lot of that in my books. 


The other mystery series follows a bespectacled boy named Jerry as he tries to cope with high school drama, growing up, and solving crime cases in his town. The series includes two books "Missing in Somerville" and "The Game Master of Somerville". I am currently working on the third book!


Maybe the two series will have a cross-over in the near future. Who knows!


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My Review

This is a YA story as a group of High School students try to track down a missing woman. I think the reader will enjoy the interplay between the students although I’m not sure that having Jerry question his sexuality brings anything more to the story. It feels like it’s been added to tick a box especially since it seems unresolved at the end.  The story is well told for the most part and as Jerry puts himself and his friends in danger, the pace is just right. However, the twist at the end is great but comes so quickly that I’d finished the book without realizing. I think this could be a very good book with a few tweaks.





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Tanya Phillips | Reply 16.01.2015 09.22

Sounds quite a good YA book.

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27.05 | 22:25

Another amazing review, dying to get my hands on this one xxx

27.05 | 20:42

probably the best new author I know....x x x x x x x

27.05 | 14:17

Great review, can't wait to read over the holiday

27.05 | 13:49

Wonderful review. Really looking forward to reading this.

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