Brighter days ahead

War pulled them apart, but can it bring them back together?

Molly lives with her repugnant father, who has betrayed her many times. From a young age, living on the

streets of London’s East End, she has seen the harsh realities of life . . . When she’s kidnapped by a gang and forced into their underworld, her future seems bleak.

Flo spent her early years in an orphanage, and is about to turn her hand to teacher training. When a kindly teacher at her school approaches her about a job at Bletchley Park, it could be everything she never knew she wanted.

Will the girls' friendship be enough to weather the hard times ahead?


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Brighter days ahead is available as an ebook and paperback.


About the author

Mary Wood 


Born in Maidstone, Kent, in 1945, the thirteenth child of fifteen children, Mary’s family settled in Leicestershire after the war ended.

Mary married young and now, after 54 years of happy marriage, four children, 12 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren, Mary and her husband live in Blackpool during the summer and Spain during the winter – a place that Mary calls, ‘her writing retreat’.

After many jobs from cleaning to catering, all chosen to fit in with bringing up her family, and boost the family money-pot, Mary ended her 9 – 5 working days as a Probation Service Officer, a job that showed her another side to life, and which influences her writing, bringing a realism and grittiness to her novels

Mary first put pen to paper, in 1989, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she finally found some success by self-publishing on kindle.

Being spotted by an editor at Pan Macmillan in 2013, finally saw Mary reach her publishing dream.

When not writing, Mary enjoys family time, reading, eating out, and gardening. One of her favourite pastimes is interacting with her readers on her Facebook page.

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                                                  - COMPETITION TIME -


To celebrate the publication of Mary's latest novel there are two bundles of Mary Wood novels to be won. 

These two bundles include: All I Have To Give, Tomorrow Brings Sorrow, Time Passes Time, In Their Mother's Footsteps, An Unbreakable Bond, To Catch A Dream

All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog before December 14th telling me what Bletchley Park, the setting of Mary's latest book, was used for. Don't forget to add your Twitter handle or your Facebook address in the main body of your message so we can contact you as the email address won't be visible to us.


My Review


Renowned for her family sagas, Mary Wood has delivered two stories in one. Set against the backdrop of the Second World War we meet Molly, forced to follow a path against her will as her father becomes involved with the local gangsters. Then there is Flo's story, a clever working-class girl who is recruited to work at Bletchley Park. For a large part of the book their stories are separate but I loved how they intertwined and the two girls, despite their differences became friends. This is not a light romance- some of the events are quite harrowing - yet through it all friendship and romance triumph, just not always in the way that we might imagine. Beautifully told by a true raconteur.


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Diane | Reply 13.12.2017 09.51

Bletchley park was where they broke the codes

Jade Spencer | Reply 13.12.2017 09.37

Code braking in ww2. X

Judith soencer | Reply 13.12.2017 09.28

The book sounds great!

Moira Manson | Reply 12.12.2017 16.00

I love Mary's books when one is finished I'm so lost .

Helen Baldwin | Reply 12.12.2017 15.35

Bletchley park - code breakers secret hide away in World War Two.

Annette Thomas | Reply 12.12.2017 15.29

Bletchley Park was home to the code breakers

Patricia Humm | Reply 12.12.2017 14.45

Home of the Enigma machine used to decode German messages

Suzan Gianninotti | Reply 12.12.2017 14.44

Bletchley Park was where the ENIGMA machine was used for deciphering and breaking the German codes during WW2.

Sue Welton | Reply 12.12.2017 14.35

Bletchley Park was used for deciphering codes during WW2

Elaine Fryatt | Reply 12.12.2017 14.31

Bletchley Park was used for code breaking using the Enigma machine.

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Another amazing review, dying to get my hands on this one xxx

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probably the best new author I know....x x x x x x x

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Great review, can't wait to read over the holiday

27.05 | 13:49

Wonderful review. Really looking forward to reading this.

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