Reckless Traveler

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Walter Rhein was born in Northern Wisconsin. After earning a degree in English literature, he moved to Lima, Peru where he worked for 10 years as a teacher, translator, editor and writer. In 2009 he returned to the US. He is the author of "Beyond Birkie Fever," "Reckless Traveler," and the dystopian fantasy novel "The Reader of Acheron." He can be reached for questions or comments at:


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Reckless Traveler: an autobiographical novel of adventuring in South America, sure to delight anyone with a passport. 

Perú and beyond: Through the alchemy of travel, youthful folly may bring disaster or wisdom . . . and more. 

The instructional travel guide for aspiring backpackers: learn how to bribe police, avoid malaria, and find employment abroad -- and what to do (and not to do) when armed mercenaries detain your charter bus. 

Awaken your inner explorer with Walter Rhein's Reckless Traveler, expat tales from a decade of discovery.


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My Review

This is an amusing account of the author's time in South America. The chapters are short and i went to bed intending to read just a couple and found myself reading the whole book in one go.It offers an insight into the South American mentality - I can quite understand how Walter initially planned to stay for a few months and ended up spending ten years there. his advice on dealing with bureaucracy will no doubt ring a bell with many travellers the world over - if in doubt photocopy everything first! I'm not sure about the medical advice he was given by the locals but it certainly gives the reader an insight into another culture and way of thinking. i have to wonder what the author is up to now - after a bus 'hijack', robbery, illness, life must seem quite tame?






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Walter Rhein | Reply 21.03.2016 15.16

Thanks so much for the insightful review! To answer your last question, life does not seem tame. Why? I have kids now, the adventure continues :)

julie Ryan 21.03.2016 16.07

Long may the adventure continue!

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Yesterday | 22:25

Wonderful review, for a wonderful lady and Author.

Yesterday | 20:12

Great review for an equally great book by Mary

Yesterday | 18:26

When reading all the reviews I just can not wait to read this for myself. I adore stories of hardship and how they unfold and hopefully have a good ending.

Yesterday | 17:22

Another great review for a brilliant author.

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