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      Green Xinda, World’s First 50,000 t/y Unit

      Green Xinda, World’s First 50,000 t/y Unit

      Pride of China, Environmental Pioneer
      Culture detail


      High quality, customer first, technology first, service excellence

      Xin Huai the world, reaching a hundred years

      Xinda spirit is the spiritual quality and mindset of Xinda people, and it is also the belief of Xinda's struggle and development. "Xin" is composed of three "jins". The Tao Te Ching has the words "Dao begets one, one is two, two begets three, and three begets all things". Three gold means more gold, which means prosperity and prosperity. "Xin" also communicates. "Heart" is the true expression of sincerity, dedication, confidence, and perseverance. "Xin" refers to "Xinda" and "Xinda people", "Xin" and "Huai" mean "heart" and "mind", "Xin holds the world" "It directly expresses the pattern and broad-mindedness of Xinda people.


      "Tian Xia" is called "Pu Tian Xia" in its entirety. In "Book of Rites. University", "Self-cultivation, Qi Family Governing the Country and Peace of the World" expresses this simple value of practical application. "Da" means to reach and reach. "Success" means becoming, accomplishing, and succeeding. It also means "sincerity", expressing sincerity, sincerity and integrity. Xinda Technology takes the world as its own responsibility, emphasizes moral responsibility, establishes value pursuit, and embodies a broad mind.


      Taking "heart" as the starting point, "caring" as the strategy, "reaching" as the action, and "the world" as the goal, is an act of great benevolence, great wisdom, great wisdom, and great kindness. "Xin Huai Tian Xia" is behavior, reality and creation; "Achieving a hundred years" is expectations, dreams and pursuits. The benevolent have the world in mind, and the wise can reach up and down.

      Pursue the source and benefit the world, profit the world with the United States

      Xinda's mission-"Clean the source and benefit the world, benefit the world" is a direct description of the corporate image. It clarifies the fundamental nature and reason of existence of Sichuan Xinda, explains the production field and management ideas of the enterprise, and expresses the role and responsibility of the enterprise in social and economic development. Answered the important philosophical proposition of Xinda Technology "What company is it, why it comes from, and where does the company go". At the same time, let everyone in the enterprise strive around this mission, and all efforts are carried out around the common mission.


      "Qingyuan": One is to clean up the source, and the other is to clean the source, which expresses Xinda's products from serving environmental protection, and is a beautiful yearning for green water and green mountains. The famous phrase handed down in Zhu Xi's "Two Poems of Reading Books and Feelings" in the Southern Song Dynasty-"Will it be as clear as the promise? It is the source of living water" also has this meaning. "Benefit" means beneficial and beneficial, expressing that environmental protection has a long way to go. "World" means: one is the beautiful world, the second is the world's first set, the third is the world, and the fourth is the thousands of people in the world. The so-called "benefiting the world" means being useful, beneficial, and loving to the world, serving people from people to society to the world. "Qingyuan Yishi" is to serve the people of the world with environmentally friendly products, and subtly create a better life.


      "Improve the world" comes from "Zhou Yi. Gan". It expresses the virtue of being a good life in the heavens, takes great credits but does not boast of oneself, in order to show Xinda Technology's dedication to environmental protection, and the most beautiful and beneficial functions to benefit the world. This is exactly the broad sentiment that Xinda people face the common people all over the world with sincere quality and produce for the beautiful world every day!

      Become an industry: leader, leader, leader, leader

      Vision is one's own desire and a bright future. The goal and direction of Xinda's development is to become a strong player. Only by becoming a strong player can we have a bright future.


      The lofty vision cannot be achieved overnight, it must be improved and sublimated in continuous self-improvement. Xinda Technology has been actively building high-end cooperation from the very beginning, combining strong forces to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Xinda has allowed itself to be the first group in the industry and become the industry leader. The second is to build the world's first set, to become an industry leader with pure gold technology content, Yishi's environmental protection benefits and strategic height of development. The third is to take scientific and technological innovation as the forerunner, take the environmental protection industry as the leader, serve the society as the purpose, and build a modern industrial chain as the goal, comprehensively docking the national strategy, quickly occupying the forefront position, and becoming an industry leader. The fourth is to plan for future development, and strive to build the right to speak in the industry, so that you have the temperament and style of a leader.


      Xinda will look into the global market with a forward-looking perspective, build the international brand of "China Xinda", and create the immortal legend of "Hundred Years Xinda"!

      Core value

      Contribute value to society

      Xinda’s core values are the soul of Xinda’s spirit and are Xinda’s standards, principles and ideas.


      Realize value for employees

      The leading and decisive role in the system is the spiritual guide that truly influences and determines the development of Xinda.


      Create value for customers 

      One is to contribute value to society, which is the ultimate goal.


      Mainly reflected in: creating environmentally friendly products, providing high-quality services, and winning the brand image. "Book of Rites. Li Yun" says: "The world is the public when you travel along the road." The first benefit is society, which is the manifestation of Xinda's long-term vision. Existing in Sri Lanka is an objective reality; developing in the world is a kind of national mind. The second is to realize value for employees, which is based on the platform. People are the foundation of Xinda and the most precious wealth. Existence value is loyalty and dedication, team value is dear and sincere, and spiritual value is perfection. Only by fully stimulating the wisdom and talents of all personnel, continuously expanding the territory and creating value, become the world's first set in the true sense, the pride of China, and the industry leader in China's environmental protection field. The third is to create value for customers, which is the carrier of realization. Commerce is the art of good, and the economy of the new era is a sharing economy. The country is good, the nation is good, the society is good, and the company is good. Hello, I am good, he is good, everyone will be good. This kind of sharing is a way of thinking. Customers and Xinda have a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship, including joint labor, joint creation, and joint struggle, as well as common growth, common development, and common happiness. While trying to develop itself, it is the fundamental foundation of Xinda's "goodness" to do everything possible to create value for customers.

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