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      Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (PODEn or DMMn) are a class of chemical compounds with the molecular formula CH3O(CH2O)nCH3 where n is typically about 3 to 8.PODEn, which can be obtained from methanol in a process chain,has the advantages of extremely low sulfur content and zero arene content.DMM3-8 is recognized as a new diesel additive component, which can greatly improve the combustion efficiency of diesel and reduce the emission of pollutants. At the same time when n=2-5,DMMn is a new aromatic free green solvent. Therefore, as environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in development, the development of clean energy DMMn products has been widely concerned by scholars.

      Sichuan Xinda adopts the innovative and high technology with independent intellectual property rights which has been developed successfully by Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for many years.It invested more than 700 million RMB to build the world's first "Annual Output of 50,000 tons of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers" industrialization demonstration plant.

      By now,we have three types DMMn product, DMM2(XD-S100) and DMM3-5(XD-S240) and DMM3-8(XD-S320).In future,we will introduce more DMMn product to the market soon,such as DMM3 and DMM4-5 etc.


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      CAS.NO 110-88-3 Chemical Formula C3H6O3
      Boiling Point 
      Specification Q/XD1002-2016 Molecular Weight 90.08
      Flash Point 
      (Closed Cup)


      Typical Physical Properties:
      Property Value
      Appearance & Odor: Colorless and acicular crystal(≤64℃) with Chloroform or acetaldehydeodor
      Purity(wt%): ≥99.5
      Liquid Density,65℃(g/cm3): 1.17
      Acidity(KOH)(mg/100ml): ≤ 7
      Methanol(wt%): ≤ 0.05
      Water Content(wt%): ≤ 0.1
      Solubility,25℃(g/L): 221


      Package & Storage: Transportation Hazardous Characteristics
      Packed in bags(with PVC inner bag)
       of 25kg each
      Refer to the transportation provisions for hazardous chemicals.
      In case of open fire,high heat and oxidants,it is inflammable.It will generate toxic formaldehyde gas in case of strong acid and being heated.


      Organic synthesis, sanitizer,engineering plastics made of polyformaldehyde and intermediate for other chemicals.


      24 months.


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