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      Product history


      Hermann Staudinger (a German chemist,who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1953) obtained DMMn on a laboratory basis by heating paraformaldehyde and methanol at high temperatures in an airtight container.
      Dupont reported a preparation method of DMMn (n=2--3)by using mineral acid as catalyst.
      David S Moulton et al., from Southwest Research Institute, USA,reported in their patent that the methanol or methylal mixed with paraformaldehyde could be directly used as a diesel blending component (5--30%).
      BP adopted polyphase catalysis technology to prepare DMMn.
      China began the study,research and development on DMMn.
      2010 --2012
      East China University of Science and Technology adopted acid resin catalyzing formaldehyde solution and methylal method to prepare DMMn. BASF used liquid acid catalysis technology to prepare DMMn. Tsinghua University carried out a series of studies on DMMn technology using fluidized bed reactor. China University of Petroleum developed acidic resin catalyst to synthesize DMMn by formaldehyde solution and methylal reaction.
      Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences, pioneered the preparation method of DMMn by ionic liquid catalyzing the acetal reaction of methylal and 1,3,5-Trioxane,and completed 100 t/y pilot test.
      Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,completed ten thousand-ton/year industrial test device for DMMn. Sichuan Xinda began cooperation with Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics in DMMn field.
      Sichuan Xinda invested 700 million RMB to carry out the first-phase "50,000 t/y Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers(DMMn)" project
      In September, Sichuan Xinda began trial production, the products were qualified.
      Sichuan Xinda introduced their first DMMn product to the market:XD-S320
      Sichuan Xinda introduced TWO more DMMn products to the market:XD-S100 and XD-S240
      Sichuan Xinda plans to introduce more DMMn products to the market Sichuan Xinda plans to start the second phase of the "200,000 t/y of polymethoxy dimethyl ether(DMMn)" project construction

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